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Bridget Kelly Band (Discography)

2018 -- Latest CD (released May 7th, 2018). "Blues Warrior" -- 13 original blues-rock songs, with lyrics that touch on a variety of social issues including the homeless, domestic abuse, heroin addiction, and human trafficking. Reached #1 on the RMR State of Florida music chart in June, 2018; #3 on the RMR "Blues Rock" album chart (Top-10 Blues Rock album for 8 weeks); #12 on the RMR "Blues Album" chart.

2017 #1 charting RMR Electric Blues Album "Bone Rattler" (released in May; June through December -- charted #1 for six months); charted #24 Living Blues Radio chart; #11 IBBA radio chart; Top-10 album on (September, October). NCFBS pick for the IBC Best Independent-Produced CD.

2016 #1 charting RMR Electric Blues Album "Outta the Blues"; #1 on; #11 RMR Contemporary Blues Album: #4 on the Best of 2016 Electric Blues album chart; on Pandora.

2014 #1 RMR State of Florida release "Forever in Blues"; #4 IBBA radio chart; and a Top-50 RMR Blues album; with Sirius XM radio airplay.

2013 Top-10 RMR State of Florida release "Back in the Blues", debuting the Bridget Kelly Band.

2011 The memorable Blues/Americana debut album "Unclassifiable" featuring Bridget Kelly, with regional airplay on NPR.

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