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Bridget Kelly Band (Discography) produced by Tim Fik

2019 -- New Recording project in the works.

2018 -- Last CD (released May 7th, 2018). "Blues Warrior" -- 13 original blues-rock songs, with lyrics that touch on a variety of social issues including the homeless, domestic abuse, heroin addiction, and human trafficking. Reached #1 on the RMR State of Florida music chart in June, 2018; #3 on the RMR "Blues Rock" album chart (Top-10 Blues Rock album for 8 weeks); #12 on the RMR "Blues Album" chart.

2017 #1 charting RMR Electric Blues Album "Bone Rattler" (released in May; June through December -- charted #1 for six months); charted #24 Living Blues Radio chart; #11 IBBA radio chart; Top-10 album on Blues411.com (September, October). NCFBS pick for the IBC Best Independent-Produced CD.

2016 #1 charting RMR Electric Blues Album "Outta the Blues"; #1 on Blues411.com; #11 RMR Contemporary Blues Album: #4 on the Best of 2016 Electric Blues album chart; on Pandora.

2014 #1 RMR State of Florida release "Forever in Blues"; #4 IBBA radio chart; and a Top-50 RMR Blues album; with Sirius XM radio airplay.

2013 Top-10 RMR State of Florida release "Back in the Blues", debuting the Bridget Kelly Band.

2011 The memorable Blues/Americana album entitled "Unclassifiable" featuring Bridget Kelly, with regional airplay on NPR.

2008 Bridget Kelly's debut release (all original music) entitled "Do You Remember?" (1st Florida Folk festival appearance).

Tim Fik (Producer under name Timmy Brown or Tim Fik):

2007 Dizzy Gordon "Long Time Comin' " -- a Southern Rock album with International airplay.

2005 K-C. Ray's album "Good For Parts" (Country music artist out of Ocala, Florida).

2002 Mo' Brown's all original blues-rock CD entitled "Brown Baggin' It".

1997 Paul Rogers "Southern Sky" CD with Wayne Johnson (Ocala, Florida)

Tim Fik (Producer/Executive Producer under name Tim La Fik)

1985 Willie May's Blues album "Hand it Over"; 

1984 Watchers EP "The Shadow Knows" -- Buffalo Backstage Music Award, Best Local release.

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